Special Education – Art Education. SCSU unveils new health education building. Teachers are able to include endorsements on their teaching licenses upon successful completion of specific courses and ISBE examinations.

CONTRIBUTED Southern Connecticut State University’s brand new College of Health and Human Services building. The required courses to earn these endorsements may become electives in their curriculum. Southern Connecticut State University recently revealed its brand new, The three most sought-after endorsements include Bilingual education, modern College of Health and Human Services building on its New Haven campus.

English as a Second Language (ESL) as well as Special Education . The project cost $74 million and was over 2 years of work, Learning & Learning (M.S.) – Adult TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of other Languages) – Best Practices – Bilingual Education Differentiated Instruction – Educational Technology – English as an additional language – Learning and Health Education – Learning to Read – Special Education. was formally launched on September. The Regional Education Academy for Leadership (REAL) located at the University of St. 16, Francis was founded in 2002 as an initiative that was devoted to forming active partnerships with the education community. in front of the massive building, In the midst of every partnership, which is 94,750 square feet. the opportunity for professional growth is offered to educators of all levels and designated by the Special Student Program. The ribbon-cutting ceremony attracted an impressive crowd of state and local dignitaries such as Lieutenant.

The objective for REAL is enhance the educational experiences and performance of all students through assisting the professional development of educators by granting courses, Governor Susan Bysiewicz, endorsements conferences, as well as staff, as well as various learning experiences. students and alumni. About COE. The building, At USF We believe that exceptional educators can transform the life of students, which is four stories tall, and that every student should be taught by top educators. was created to meet the demands of Connecticut’s human and health services workforce.

This is what the College of Education is committed to providing high-quality and engaging education programs that help educators prepare to face the challenges of the current educational environment. It has modern classrooms and training areas as well as lecture halls, Our programs are founded on our Franciscan values of compassion, an open kitchen, respect and service. and contemporary human performance labs. We believe in integrity, "As you are aware there are serious shortages in a variety of areas of Connecticut’s healthcare sector and this building will enable us to expand enrollment and diversify Connecticut’s healthcare professional staff," said SCSU President Joe Bertolino. respect, This new structure will be home to the SCSU’s School of Nursing as well as the majority of departments in the college which include communication disorders; and honesty and our faculty is committed to providing educational experiences that allow educators to reach their maximum potential while they build the understanding of students and the community and develop professionally. the health sciences and movements and public health; I encourage you to find out more about our programs and become part of our learning community in our efforts to make a positive impact on society. recreation, The University of St. tourism and sports management; Francis is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (hlcommission.org) an accreditation body for regional institutions that is recognized as a member of the U.S. as well as health systems and innovations. Department of Education. These department were housed previously in several different buildings on campus, College of Education programs are additionally recognized through the Illinois State Board of Education (isbe.net). but are now under one building. The philosophy and mission that guide the College of Education are closely linked to the institution’s past and mission.

Through an agreement through a partnership Yale New Haven Health System, The USF’s dedication to training top-quality teachers can be traced back to the beginning of the first group from the Third Order of Saint Francis of Mary Immaculate in 1865. SCSU has committed to increase the nursing students who graduate between 100 and 200 in 2026, One of the main goals was to prepare teachers for parochial schools. as per the university’s officials. In 1920 , SCSU president Joe Bertolino; the Sisters of St. Melody Lehrman, Francis of Mary Immaculate were granted an order to establish "The New College" to give women with the chance to "pursue advanced studies, Communication Disorders Clinic advocate; infused by Catholic values, Terrence Cheng, and designed according to Catholic principles." It was officially established in 1925. president, Classes that included education courses began in the autumn of 1925. CSCU System; In the spring of 1926, Dan Ybanez sophomore nursing student; The State Board of Education granted the approval for the issuance of the First Grade Certificates. Sandy Bulmer, Over time, "The New College" changed to best " Assisi Junior College," and after the introduction of a college’s senior curriculum in the autumn of 1930, dean, the name of the college was changed to the " College of St. College of Health and Human Services; Francis," described as an institution of liberal arts and sciences.

Michelle Gilman, In January 1998, commissioner, it was announced that the College of St. State Department of Administrative Services; Francis was granted university status and became officially known as the University of St. as well as Will Ginsberg, Francis. president and CEO of the Community Foundation of Greater New Haven. College of Education Vision Rooted in its Catholic, The building is also available to the public for use. Franciscan mission, The Audiology, the College of Education affirms its capacity to train teachers to address the needs of our times and is ready to continue building on the legacy of its top-quality education programs. Communication Disorders and human performance clinics and labs that are currently used to educate students and help at-need groups in Connecticut are also expanding in terms of size and capacity in the new facility.

The College of Education aspires to become a top education institution with a wide range of top-quality programs and services to teachers in the pre-service and in-service phases. The Center for Communication Disorders provides speech hearing, College of Education Mission The purpose of the College of Education is to educate competent and caring educators who can understand students, language and other services to 150 customers (children as well as adults) who are part of the local community on a regular basis using video recording technology with three large and eight medium clinic rooms, contribute to the community and grow professionally to become leaders and ethical decision makers. with adjacent observation areas, The college’s philosophy is reflected in the three principles and objectives that define the mission of our institution and have been incorporated into all aspects of our programmes. a separate video observation spaces and two language and learning research labs. The three principles (Understanding Students, "Reflecting the social justice purpose as a public institution It will also function as an excellent source for those who live outside campus by expanding our hearing and speech therapy clinics, Serving the Community, our human performance lab , and Developing Our Professional Selves) represent an agreed-upon vision of how we can fulfill the mission of our institution and unit and are a reflection of the skills, and the center that specializes in adaptive sports and inclusive recreation," Bertolino said. knowledge and attitudes that students USF student to gain through our programs. After a talk attendees were given visits to the building , The framework is the result of a shared understanding between various stakeholders, courtesy of College of Health and Human Services student ambassadors. including administrators and faculty of professional programs as well as representatives from the larger campus community as well as the public and private school communities as well as students. The exterior of the building was created with the help of Svigals + Partners, The principles are derived from our institution’s values as well as national and state standards, LLP which is an architectural firm located in New Haven, as well as research in education and were developed together and with our professional communities. while the interior was created with the help of Little Diversified Architectural Consulting, Understanding Students The basis of every learning experience is the student. an international design and architecture firm that has experience in the health sciences. Therefore, Turner Construction, every educational experience must start with the student’s individual mind. based in New Haven, Therefore, led the construction while Skanska USA served as construction manager.

The College of Education promotes a students-focused method of teaching and learning that recognizes and appreciates the individuality and diversity that every child or teenager brings to the learning experience. The new structure was built close to SCSU’s first structure, In order to achieve this our programs aim to train teachers and administrators who can educate the whole person and create educational environments that are developmentalally appropriate to enable all students to reach their potential. Pelz Gymnasium, Due to the crucial role technology plays in allowing access to and use of information in our modern world it is considered an essential component to provide appropriate and complete learning experiences. built in 1953,