The University of Michigan Health System recommends supplementing with vitamin C to help clear the body of alcohol during initial withdrawal. Also, many people with a vitamin C deficiency report feeling fatigue or depression. During alcohol withdrawal syndrome, immune system health is compromised due to additional stress, which impairs normal CNS functioning. Vitamin A and C deficiencies are also linked to alcohol addiction. Symptoms of vitamin A deficiency include night blindness, increased rates of infection, and skin irritations. Deficiencies in vitamin C may cause fatigue and connective tissue defects, including slower wound healing and gingivitis. Whether through varying kinds of therapy, meditation, and holistic approaches, the above factors must exist for recovery to be successful.

best vitamins for recovering alcoholics

Detox and alcohol withdrawal supplements go hand in hand to get the body ready for recovery from substance abuse. The body can produce up to 12 amino acids on its own, but the remaining eight can only come from external sources. Studies have shown that amino acid supplements can be helpful for an individual with substance addictions. However, again, only take supplements with a doctor’s guidance. A buildup of amino acids can cause negative effects such as brain damage. You can generally avoid this risk by forgoing supplements and focusing on supplying amino acids through varied protein-rich foods such as meat, eggs, beans, tofu, and quinoa.

Post-Detox Treatment Services For Alcohol Use Disorder

This amino acid occurs naturally in the body and many protein-rich foods, and is a building block for some of the brain chemicals that regulate anxiety and depression. Many people who struggle with their drinking don’t have enough L-glutamine in their systems.

best vitamins for recovering alcoholics

Let’s cut to the chase, excessive alcohol isn’t good for you. Heavier drinkers will often have more issues with nutrition than low lever drinkers. Zinc in a patient’s diet, either through food or supplementation. Zinc is another important mineral that alcohol blocks from being absorbed and utilized. The deficiency of zinc can lead to confusion, depression, and decreased organ function, as well as a significant reduction in senses of smell and taste. Chronic use of drugs, such as cocaine, methamphetamine and alcohol, can lead to the formation of oxidative stress .

Symptoms of Nutrient Deficiency

Supplements can play a big role in helping get your body back on track. They may be the difference between successfully staying off alcohol long-term and hitting the bottle again. The use of milk thistle helps to remove pollutants, prevents free radical damage in the body, and helps to detoxify the liver. Every patient at Beachway has their own unique treatment plan. vitamins for recovering alcoholics Not everyone needs all the vitamins and supplements listed below; however, this list will provide some insight into some of the offerings. If you or a loved one is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction we can help. The B vitamins are involved in some important processes in the body, ranging from the conversion of glucose to energy to the formation of blood cells.

  • Nutrientsin these alcohol withdrawal supplements include, but are not limited to, B vitamins, vitamin C, zinc, and magnesium.
  • They also protect against psychiatric disorders including depression, mild cognitive impairment, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease (19-21).
  • Long-term abuse of alcohol can also cause a B12 deficiency, which can lead to many significant conditions.
  • However, I still recommend at least short-term zinc supplementation to ensure you get enough.
  • These may range from depression, anxiety, sleep problems and fatigue to seizures, fever, and hallucinations.
  • Other sources of glutamine include beef, chicken, fish, dairy, eggs and green leafy vegetables.

And there’s evidence that it helps reduce addiction to drugs . Studies show that drugs physically change the structure and functioning of the brain, and these documented brain changes lead to cravings .

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This article is all about helping anyone who’s quitting alcohol have a smoother journey. I’ll run you through some of the best alcohol withdrawal vitamins and how they help your body recuperate. Several amino acids are available in supplements including lysine, leucine, and valine. The supplements are best taken with supervision from a doctor to avoid excessive intake. Adding vitamin C supplements for alcohol withdrawal while detoxing will go a long way in helping you recover fully. The mineral has been shown to decrease dependence on opiates, nicotine, cocaine, amphetamine and alcohol, and reduce the intensity of withdrawal symptoms when stopping these drugs .

What is the number one killer of alcoholics?

An estimated 95,000 people (approximately 68,000 men and 27,000 women) die from alcohol-related causes annually,15 making alcohol the third-leading preventable cause of death in the United States. The first is tobacco, and the second is poor diet and physical inactivity.